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Mission, vision and values


We are specialized in manufacturing small high-precision mechanical parts. Our means of production (lathes Deco -10) have a capacity of 10mm diameter bar that allow us to make small high-precision parts for various sectors such as medicine ( implants and prosthetic components) , optical, watchmaking, locksmith, aerospace,aeronautics, pneumatic and automotive . Our means of production allow us to produce small precision parts and our quality system ensures that the finished product meets the quality parameters required by our customers.

We work nationally and internationally, and we are open to any industry requiring small and medium series of parts with the characteristics described.


Our vision and goal for the future have as its essence the opening a breach in the foreign markets and consolidate ourselves as the best company in the field of micro-bar turning in national and international scale. In addition, we want to grow continually from the human and the professional point of view at a time, in order to reach our main goal, that is to say, to produce micro-parts of high precision for the most various productive sectors.


We believe in complete customer satisfaction. We produce parts whose quality is optimal and irrefutable, because they are designed for very sensitive areas where approximations and errors cannot be tolerated in any way, such as medicine and optics.

Our values are:

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